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Adoptable Shephered mix at Chicago's Animal Control

I found a stray Shepherd/possibly Rottweiler mix yesterday at about 3:15pm on Chicago’s near west side (Western Avenue just north of the Eisenhower expressway & Congress Avenue). I lured the dog into my car with a can of Purina. She was much more interested in the dog food than people food, and generally did not have the appearance of a dog that was born homeless. Her nails weren’t too long and her coat was not incredibly mangy. I believe that she belonged to someone recently and has been outside anywhere from a few weeks up to two months.

Western Ave runs the length of the city, so this dog could have walked from anywhere (Northwest Indiana to Evanston, IL). Given the fact that the Eisenhower is one of the most dangerous expressways in the city, it’s doubtful to me that she would have survived walking along it. She had no collar, but has a fairly distinct pattern on her coat. She is mostly black, but where the chest and shoulder markings meet the black fur, there is a slight brindle pattern that is very beautiful and sandy caramel in color. Her shepherd markings are not the usual orangey-tan color; they are very creamy and subtle. Her eyes are an amber/ hazel color, and she had no wounds or injuries that I could see.

Overall the dog is not aggressive but was very uncomfortable in my van. When I first approached her with food, she was very excitable and wagged her tail. She then took food from my hand, licking my fingers as she ate. I took the dog home, but she refused to leave my car. I have an unheated garage, so the dog was shaking from the 30-degree temperatures we had last night. When I would get into the back of the van and sit with her, trying to lure her close so I could put a collar on her, she began to snarl and growl. I have three rescued dogs and two stray cats living in my two-bedroom house, so I was unable to take her in. I posted messages in lost and found forums and called every rescue I could think of.

Sadly, I had to take her to Chicago’s Animal Control facility at 8:00pm last night at 2741 South Western Avenue. I believe that she is an adoptable dog who was once someone’s family pet. If you or anyone you know can help arrange a rescue for this sweet three or four year old, female, 40-60 lb, floppy eared Shepherd mix, please contact Animal Care & Control at (312) 747-1406, inventory number 163263.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is I will be checking it often given the circumstances. We may not have much time to help this girl get to safety. I will help in any way possible, and also contribute to any monetary costs and fees. Thank you!
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