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WTTW- Animal Attractions TV- WARNING- HELP!

WTTW- Animal Attractions -WARNING-

I do not know how many dog/pet owners watch the TV show Animal Attractions on WTTW, but I thought this warning to not watch and to inform WTTW and Bark Magazine to stop promoting/airing the show.

On Animal Attractions there is a segment where- to put it bluntly- an incredibly stupid family of dog owners needs the assistance of training their pet. The trainer, I do not know his name but he’s on the show every week, comes in Nanny 911 style to help save the family by taking the dog to his home for 30 days for training, and then comes back for 7 days after that do train the family.

I got past the fact that I do not agree with the taking him for 30 days instead of training the owners and letting them put theory into practice and continued to watch the show. Today’s episode, however, pushed me over the top of my threshold for this show.

The family needed help with their large, unruly dog that would jump on the kids while swimming, and dug many giant holes in their backyard- okay I understand they need help training their dog.

In steps the trainer tells that he’s taking the dog for 30 days and will be back to train their family. His training began alright- helping the dog to wait to come swimming until invited. Okay, so far so good, but still no positive reinforcement- he’d just ignore the dog if he did what was right.

Then it came time for him to address the hole digging.

THIS IS WHERE IT WENT TERRIBLY WRONG- The ‘trainer’ proceeded to THROW DIRT IN THE DOG’S FACE. He explained that when you want the dog to leave something alone, you hit them with it so they become afraid of it. The poor dog was shaking and was terrified of the dirt and more importantly the trainer- even though the trainer said he’d fear the dirt since he wasn’t hitting him with his hands. Obviously, the dog was afraid of both the dirt AND of him- but he couldn’t escape since he was on leash.

This is where your help is needed! I have already contacted Bark Magazine (they advertise the show in their pages) and WTTW (they air Animal Attractions on their channel) about this matter. I urge you to also contact both of these companies and express outrage that they support this show using an unskilled trainer. If you currently watch the show, please stop until they hire a new trainer.

Contact email and link:

Bark Magazine-

Thanks for the help!

Please pass this on to other dog/pet communities that you are in so as many people will know and can help stop this show until a new trainer is hired!

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